Wiener dating

Claus's wife says that she's tired of being put up for auction and taking her for granted before asking Claus why he's wearing her clothes.

Claus explains that he was trying to prevent his wife from marrying Ian. Ian remarks that he almost married a man, but Anthony says that from experience, it doesn't technically count of he's dressed as a girl.

All four are surprised at this turn of events as Claus's wife immediately recognizes Ian's date as a crossdressing Claus. At Claus's house, Claus makes a smoothie schnitzel with fruit. Claus gets the message from Ian saying, "deer claus my name is ian & ur site sux! ther4 i get 2 merry ur wife && t8k her 4 sum free WIENER!!!! " Claus still likes his wife and refuses to have Ian marry his wife, so he tries to find Ian a match, but it proves to be impossible because Ian is so unattractive thing he looks like his grandmother, Volbin, getting her arsonstein. Anthony tries to hold back his laughter, but Ian says that she looked better online. / MY BATHROOM SECRET / If The Internet Was Real / I'M NOT RACIST!!! / HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER / Food Battle 2011 / The Internet For Dummies / THE DITTO - Movie Trailer / XTREME SLEEPOVER! Ian's Date tries to play along, but Ian tries to push her away when she tries to kiss him. / The Harry Potter Pill / MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET / If Movies Were Real 2 / First Person Shooters Suck!

Wiener dating

They go online to created by a guy named Claus Winklestien (Anthony). Claus got out of a car without a shirt but is wearing a scarf saying in a German accent that the people watching the video are getting women to date them and have sex (he spelled it out as secks). / GUYS' GUIDE TO HUGGING GUYS / If Video Games Were Real 2 / STUCK IN A TOILET! However, Anthony complains that the clones are starting to smell bad. / HOT ROBOT SLAVE / JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2) / If Kids Shows Were Real / AMAZING NEW DRINK! Ian doesn't care as long as he has some wiener in his mouth. / Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3 / Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5 / WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER! Ian tries to refresh the website and still doesn't get any matches, adding that he's incompatible with women. / Attention: Facebook Users / POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!

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