Single person infrared vitality sauna

Mercola has decided to develop a new design that incorporates new, state of the art sauna technology that provides additional benefits based upon his personal research.

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Therefore, an infrared sauna can warm the body more efficiently and to a greater depth than a conventional sauna because its energy output is primarily used to convert energy to heat in us and not to create excessive hot air that only superficially heats the skin.Made from British Columbian western red cedar, the Vitality Infrared saunas are not only beautiful, but well-insulated because of the unique benefits of this high-quality wood. kostenlose kontaktbörsen Reutlingen As trees are harvested for Vitality Infrared Saunas, new red cedar trees are planted in their place.Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) April 28, 2014 – has unveiled its new line of saunas with three goals in mind: energy efficiency, thanks to insulating western Canadian red cedar and an efficient far-infrared heater; safety with low EMF emission; and minimal environmental impact.“Today’s consumers want a sauna experience that they know meets the multiple requirements of safety, sustainability, efficiency, quality, and comfort. And they want to make sure they’re not stepping into an electromagnetic (EMF) ’hot box’,” said Dr.

Single person infrared vitality sauna

I get a lot of lymphatic blockage and it bloats the right side of my body and my face. I can go in “thyroidy” and come out calm, enlivened. I’ve done it a number of times since, and it’s made a HUGE difference.The infrared energy that normally occurs in our tissues is associated with many healing processes.The infrared energy can induce up to 2-3 times the volume of sweat of a traditional sauna and at safer, more comfortable temperatures of 110 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 185 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit of a traditional sauna.The dry air sauna induces profuse sweating and the heat of the sauna absorbs the sweat where as a steam room sauna does not readily accept the sweat released by the body.

Conventional saunas rely on the indirect heating methods of convection and conduction.

With its advanced far-infrared heater technology, these saunas operate on pennies a month.

And the carbon-based heater technology emits very low EMFs.

Easily installed in less than an hour, offers a White Glove Delivery Service for those who prefer not to unpack and set up their sauna themselves.

Two- and three-person models are available and both come equipped with multicolored lights, a pre-programmable timer, and a JVC AM/FM/CD sound system for a full, rich audio experience.

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