Dating sider Odder

Odderøya has been used for varying cultural purposes and there has been broad agreement that the eastern and southern part will remain as untouched as possible.

The island is mostly undeveloped, but the town development plan does include an area on the island for up to 500 homes.Three times between and in the morning, the German forces tried to penetrate and to put troops ashore, but whenever they chose to turn because of shelling from Odderøya.One of the grenades from Karlsruhe missed the fortress.Since the municipality took over the island, it has been a popular excursion and hiking area.At 9 April 1940, eight Norwegian soldiers lost their lives in the battle against German aircraft and warships during the invasion of Norway in Operation Weserübung at Odderøya Fortress.

Dating sider Odder

When the German force attacked again, one of the signal flags was confused with a French flag, and therefore the fire from the fortress was withheld.When the force was landed, it met no resistance, and the Norwegian commander surrendered the fortress.On the west side, there are a quay harbor, warehouses, a grain and cement silo, and cleaning and tank farms. dating sider Odder-84 The port facilities, that in the summer are used mostly as a port for cruise ships, are part of the Kristiansand harbor.The city's sewage treatment plant is located in a tunnel into the rock near the lighthouse.

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