Beste dating website Bochum

Researchers have developed a hybrid of a fuel cell and capacitor on a biocatalytic basis.

At the other electrode, it takes in the electrons and is thus negatively charged.Under the slogan of "Das Beste aus Forschung und Lehre heute" ["The best of research and teaching today"] Alumni had the opportunity to take an exclusive look at their respective former places of activity – and also to meet up with former colleagues, of course. women dating Fanø Laboratories, auditoria and seminar rooms could be viewed; there were experience tours, finger food and champagne receptions: at the Faculty of Sports Science, for instance (photo gallery) or the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (photo gallery).Generating energy and saving it with as little loss as possible is one of the major challenges for today’s society.Energy production and storage usually take place in different systems – which is inefficient.

Beste dating website Bochum

RUB50 Gala in the Mensa Afterwards, guests at the great RUB50 Gala were able to enjoy a very special evening in the festively decorated Mensa.WDR presenters Désirée Rösch and Lars Tottmann (both RUB Alumni) guided them through a varied programme of events with Götz Alsmann, Pamela Falcon, Mambo Kurt and many other artists.This is particularly important for implantable miniaturised sensors,” says Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Bochum Institute for Analytical Chemistry.He was involved in the development with his colleagues Dr Felipe Conzuelo, Dr Piyanut Pinyou and Sabine Alsaoub.Rund 60 Studierende lernen und arbeiten ab sofort im neuen Theaterzentrum.

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