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Parent and Outreach Services is the gateway that connects Families to CYS programs.

Its mission is to support Readiness and Well-Being of Families by helping to balance military mission requirements and parental responsibilities.

Parent Central Services will help you get started by assigning your initial username and password.

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When a space becomes available, patrons are offered a viable space.Multi-Disciplinary Inclusion Action Team (MIAT) Process The MIAT explores Installation child care and youth supervision options for children and youth with medical diagnoses that reflect life-threatening conditions, functional limitations and diagnosed behavioral/psychological conditions.The MIAT recommends child care and youth placement.It also determines reasonable accommodations and availability of services to support a child/youth’s special needs.“Inclusion” is an attitude and a philosophy that welcomes and supports all children, with the goal of facilitating and maximizing participation in CYS child care, youth supervision and educational programs.

Ansbach dating

CYS can provide child care support to Strong Bonds events if additional staff is available.CYSitters offers formal training for teens from adults who provide short term hourly child care for Families in their own homes.A viable space is defined as any opening within the CYS delivery system to include Child Development Centers, Family Child Care Homes, School Age Centers, Homes Off-Post and Community Based Programs.Children transferring to the Installation whose parents have requested care prior to arrival are placed on the Projected Demand Sub-waiting List.Orientation highlights include: Deployment Support Services Deployment Support Services are established for eligible Army Service Members (e.g., deployed Soldiers, dependents of Army Fallen Warriors, Army Wounded Warriors assigned to a Wounded Warrior Unit, etc.).

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Childcare Cost Childcare cost is based on Total Family Income (TFI).Additional parent education resources are available: Visit local Army Community Service. (only available at some locations) KOS provides short-term hourly child care to parents attending on-post meetings or functions in the same or adjacent building.KOS supports Army Families through Deployment Support by providing assistance for the Army Chaplain's Strong Bond Program and other special events child care.This list is maintained by sponsor priority for care and date of request for care.Parents must update their information every 90 days to remain on the list.

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